Posted by: farringtonk | June 19, 2007

New World Wide ILL wiki

This was posted on the ILL-L listserv:

We are pleased to introduce ShareILL (pronounced like the woman’s name “Cheryl”), a new wiki devoted to all aspects of ILL and resource sharing, You might notice that the content looks more like a tarted up web site than Wikipedia, but that’s because we just wanted to get the basic infrastructure in place so that you (yes, we mean YOU) can contribute the sort of content that will be helpful to you and your ILL colleagues around the world. Just go to, create an account, and start writing your wiki entry.

Maybe you want to write about ILL copyright tracking, or performance standards, or how ILL works in your country/state/province/region. Maybe you’re the resident expert on German copyright law and ILL, or you’ve been involved in some innovative ILL project, or you want to write about the convergence between ILL, acquisitions, and collection development. Create your ShareILL account, and start writing! We want this to be a truly grass roots effort for the entire global resource sharing community, sort of “Wikipedia meets ILL”, so that means anyone can create and/or edit any of the ShareILL pages.

Linda and I want to thank Nada Vaughn for coming up with the name ShareILL, and our gracious host, Blake Carver of LIShost (, for his expertise, kindness, and patience with our endless list of questions and last-minute changes.

Remember: like ILL itself, ShareILL can only be successful if we all pitch in and share our expertise, so start writing!

See you on the wiki,

Linda Frederiksen

Mary Hollerich


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