Posted by: farringtonk | July 27, 2007

C-Car Route Changes

We are making a few route changes on C-Car.

The changes will begin on Monday, July 30th.  Please make sure to use the new numbers starting tomorrow for delivery beginning Monday.  If you have items already labeled and waiting pick-up, don’t worry.  You do not need to change the label, we will know what to do with them.

Ridgefield Public Library is now A-159

Mark Twain Library Association in Redding is now A-158

Tolland Public Library is now A-186

Canton Public Library is now A-25

The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Rocky Hill is now B-161

I have updated the route slips on WebJunction Connecticut so you should download the new version. FEW MORE REMINDERS:
Please no staples in padded envelopes.
Please use elastic bands to tie the big plastic bags.
Ship DVDs in padded envelopes or bubblewrap.

Thank you, Sharon

 **I fixed the link to Web Junction.  KF**



  1. Not certain why but when I click the link from Sharon’s post for the new route slips the link doesn’t work. I went to webjunction and found it by a search and this the link:

    Looks the same to me…

    Thanks for a reminder to please not use staples. You don’t know how many times I have cut myself opening stapled envelopes.
    Thanks to Steve for updating route slips in ReQuest. You are my hero!

    Carol Kubala

  2. Well, that’s strange. I tried Sharon Brettschneider’s link again and now it works. I think it’s a webjunction thing…goes out for a moment and then it’s back. At least I know I can find the ILL documents by doing a webjunction search.

    Carol Kubala

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