Posted by: farringtonk | August 3, 2007

ILL of New Materials

From Bridget Quinn-Carey at Essex LibraryAssociation:

Hi Henry – do you allow people from other towns to check out new books if they travel to your library? If so, it seems that the ILL borrowing limit is not necessarily on residency but access to transportation (and the time in which to travel.)

We also limit new books to residents for the purpose of ILL and transit holds within our consortium, although we are rethinking our policy in light of having so many patrons from other towns that use us and/or work in this town but live in another. They are less and less conscious of town lines regarding library services; I don’t think this is a trend we’re going to be able to ignore – in fact we’ve helped to promote it through initiatives like C-Card. Continuing to advocate for central support through the state or rethinking/implementing a voluntary participation agreement to help deal with the costs of serving a broader constituency seems a forward looking way to deal with this, and would encourage positive sharing of resources across the state.

In the LION consortium there are many generous libraries that do share their new materials via ill/transit holds across the network, which our patrons greatly appreciate. I don’t know how they justify that to their local taxpayers; hopefully they will respond and let us know.


Essex Library Association


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