Posted by: farringtonk | August 3, 2007

ILL of New Materials

From Henry Dutcher at Enfield Public:

A discussion please.

We are noticing a considerable increase in Ill requests for very new items from our collection.  In some cases within a day or two of them being acquired.  For example “Her Way” about Hillary Clinton placed within 24 hours of it being cataloged,  “Icky Thump” the new White Stripes CD on the second day in the catalog.  I could go on and on about items being requested in their first month here.  At times, 6 to 10 a day.  Much of this is being done by Ill departments — not directly from patrons.  I feel the town taxpayers that purchased these items should have first crack at them, and indeed we will not send them, nor do we request like items from others.

If we receive requests for such items they are either purchased or the patron request is turned down (seldom does this happen we usually purchase).  Regardless of the size of your book budget, why do some libraries feel other libraries/town taxpayers should be making up for their short comings and inabilities to provide adequate library services within their towns?  I know all about Ccard reimbursements.  Although improving, it will never make up for the loss of service to our own taxpayers.  Unless of course we use the monies to buy additional copies strictly to be sent out to other libraries.

I do not believe it is right.  What say you?

I do, however, fully support an active and vital ILL program of materials after there initial high interest has waned.  I have been pushing for years for our consortium to institute patron placed system holds.  However, we will block new items from being requested.


Henry Dutcher
Library Director
Enfield Public Library


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