Posted by: farringtonk | September 17, 2007

C-Car Issues

From Walt and Sharon at the State Library:

Ever since our most recent routing change back on July 30th we have been repeatedly and increasingly been receiving books into our system that are addressed incorrectly.
Most of the addressing problems are with the wrong letter codes for the following libraries that were changed back on July 30th.

The are as follows:

Canton was B-25 it is now A-25
Tolland was B-186 it is now A-186
Redding was B-158 it is now A-158
Ridgefield was B-159 it is now A-159
LBPH Rocky Hill was A-161 it is now B-161

We have repeatedly received miss- addressed books from the following Libraries on very regular basis:  Danbury Public, Ridgefield Public. Simsbury Public, Middlebury Public, Milford Public, Westport Public Wethersfield Public, Windsor Public, Naugatuck Public and Waterbury Public and several others from time to time.
We  have been  returning  these books to the originating library with the reason it was returned on the routing slip but very often we get this same book back in the system miss addressed again causing huge delays in that book’s travels.

Please check to make sure you are using the current routing lists.. Many of these mistakes are on pre-printed slips!

Thank You


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