Posted by: scauffman | November 28, 2007

Connecticut ILL Lending Policy

A group of  ILL colleagues and I are creating a Connecticut ILL Policy. The policy will contain a brief, up-to-date listing of primarily non-book material that a library in Connecticut will lend through ILL. The goal of the policy is to assist ILL staff members in identifying potential lending libraries that are not part of their automated ILL system(s).

Categories in the policy include:

  • New Books
  • Documentary DVDs
  • Feature Film DVDs
  • Documentary VHS Tapes
  • Feature Film VHS Tapes
  • Audio Book CDs
  • Audio Book Cassettes
  • Music CDs
  • CDs that Accompany Books

All libraries in Connecticut are invited to share their ILL policies. In order to collect data, we ask that you take the survey.
The survey will take you no more than 10 minutes to complete. We ask that you submit your policies at your earliest convenience. If your ILL policy changes, you may simply revisit the survey and submit your updated policy information.

The ILL policy will be available for download on WebJunction.   The first one will be posted on Friday, December 7, 2007.

Stephen Cauffman, reQuest ILL Coordinator


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