Posted by: scauffman | December 20, 2007

CONTU Copyright tracking in reQuest ILL

Attn: Libraries using reQuest ILL

With Tuesday’s upgrade, Auto-Graphics has implemented a new CONTU Copyright-Compliance Tracking feature. This feature only applies to ‘Copy’ requests – it does not apply to requests for loans of books, videos, etc.

Here’s a very(!) brief summary of how this affects reQuest ILL:

1. The CCG and CCL options no longer appear in your ILL Particpant record, nor will you see them when you initiate a “Copy” request. The system will automatically figure out CCG and CCL based on the date of
the copy you are requesting.

2. On the “Copy” request form, the 4 digits for the ‘Year’ must be input into the request. This information is now mandatory because the system uses it to determine and track appropriate copyright compliance. If you
don’t know the year, you may enter two question marks (??) into the ‘Year’ field.

3. On the “Copy” request form, you may select the ‘Month/Season’ and ‘Day’ from drop-down menus. This information helps the system determine and track appropriate copyright compliance.

4. The system will  automatically add a ccg (complies to CONTU Guidelines) or ccl (complies with Copyright Law) to the “Copyright” field on the request so that the lending library sees the notification.

5. If you (as the borrowing library) initiate a request for a copy of an article which exceeds the CONTU Guidelines of five, you will receive a dialog box with the note:
“This photocopy request will exceed your library’s (calendar year)
guidelines for this title. Do you want to proceed?”
You may click “OK” and proceed with the request or you may click “Cancel” and close the request.

The Copyright tracking feature only works for newly created Copy requests, i.e. for those created now and going forward, so it’s in place for the calendar year 2008.

This feature includes reports to view the titles for filled requests that fall under CONTU guidelines. We are working on rolling the reports out; I’ll send information about accessing the reports soon.

If you’d like more information on this feature, I can send you a pdf from Auto-Graphics that spells everything out in detail. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

(On a personal note: I wish this feature had been available when I was working in an ILL office! I particularly like the way it works in the background: calculating dates, putting ccg or ccl on the request, notifying me when I reach the limit, etc. I think this is a nicely configured feature and believe it will streamline your Copy requesting.)

Stephen Cauffman, reQuest ILL Coordinator


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