Posted by: scauffman | January 4, 2008

Connecticut ILL Policy – Updated

Hello everyone,

I just updated the Connecticut ILL Policy. The latest version is available at:
From this page, you can download a pdf version sorted by library name or by town and you can download the entire Excel file that also contains a worksheet with the raw data. The pdf versions are better for printing, while the Excel is better if you wish to do any further sorting.

The latest version includes the ILL policies of 110 libraries in Connecticut – 23 libraries have submitted their policies since the first version in December.

This is an ongoing project and I invite and encourage every library in Connecticut to submit their ILL policy. Simply visit the WebJunction page above and follow the link that takes you to the survey. The policy will be updated on the first Friday of the month.

Stephen Cauffman, reQuest ILL Coordinator
iCONN – Connecticut’s re-search engine
786 South Main Street, Middletown, CT  06457-5101
Telephone: (860) 704-2223, toll free in Conn: (888) 256-1222
Fax: (860) 704-2229


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