Posted by: farringtonk | February 14, 2008

New OCLC Website

One company, one vision, one brand: Web site launch

On behalf of the OCLC Global Marketing team, I am proud to announce the next step in the rebranding of the organization with the launch of the new OCLC Web site which will go live next week. The new site is the result of a lot of hard work by many people across all offices and disciplines to design, code, write, edit, translate, localize, describe, organize and review the 16,000+ pages of information about OCLC in preparation for launch.

The consolidated Web presence brings together the external sites for every geographic region that OCLC serves, providing a single access point for the global and regional information about OCLC. For our users in Europe, this site succeeds and an automatic redirect from this site has been created that will direct visitors to the global gateway where they can select their regional preferences.

There are three “levels” to the new Web site

    • A global gateway
    • A worldwide site at
    • Regional sites representing geographic regions and languages. The new url for the U.S. (English) site is

A global gateway

    • Beginning on February 11th, visitors to will arrive at a new global gateway where they can select their preferred regional site and language.
    • Their preference may be saved as the primary destination for the next time they visit. Language or geographic preferences can also be changed to enable visitors to access other regional sites as they wish.
    • A worldwide site

· Historically, the domain was used for the Web site that serves the United States.  At launch, will be the home of a worldwide OCLC site that will represent the breadth of products and services available across all regions

· The worldwide site will be in English, and will be the primary home for the Office of Programs and Research Web content.
It is also where we will direct anyone who is interested in OCLC, but not represented by a dedicated regional site for their country/language at this time.

Regional sites
· The primary goal of the new site development was to bring together and integrate all regional Web sites for OCLC, making them consistent in design and architecture, while allowing for appropriate localization and translation of content.

The regional sites available at launch from the global gateway will be:
· Asia Pacific (English)

1 Asia Pacific (Simplified Chinese)
2 Asia Pacific (Traditional Chinese)
3 Canada (English)
4 Canada (French)
5 France (French)
6 Germany (German)
7 Latin America and the Caribbean (English)
8 Latin America and the Caribbean (Spanish)
9 Latin America and the Caribbean (Portuguese)
10 Middle East (English)
11 Netherlands (Dutch)
12 UK and Ireland (English)
13 United States (English)

· The content at each regional site will be localized and translated for that location. Future content development and localization will be informed by a new International Editorial Committee with representatives from all the appropriate OCLC offices.

Next steps
Of course, as is the way of the Web, the work is never done, and the content will change continuously. To that end we have a number of initiatives already underway to enhance and improve the new site soon after launch:

    • Additional and ongoing localization and translation of content for the regional sites
    • Addition of more opportunities for social networking and the addition of user-contributed content
    • The creation of a new Careers area of the site
    • The enhancement of areas representing OCLC governance and management.


If you have questions about the new OCLC site, please contact Jenny Johnson at We welcome your insights, comments and suggestions for continuing to enhance how OCLC communicates with libraries around the world.


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