Posted by: farringtonk | March 3, 2008

Happy Leap Day reminders….

Happy Leap Day,
I’ve been accumulating some reminders that libraries have wanted me to send out and thought I’d post them on this extra day.  They’ll be repeated next February 29th.

1.  You know I’m going to start with Kent vs. Kent.
Kent Library Association in Kent is B-88 Kent Memorial Library in Suffield is A -183

2.  By Kent standards, these aren’t even close, but watch out for Stratford Library Association (A-182) vs. Stafford Library Association (A-176).  We won’t get into Stamford.

3.  And there is Hall Memorial Library in Ellington.  Please don’t confuse with Hall Memorial School in Willington.

4.  Staples.  Please don’t put staples on your AV packaging.  Our fingers are tender.
And you don’t have to over-tape either.  Just enough to secure the package.

5.  See those boxes at the bottom of the slip?  Please use them to indicate whether the item is an ILL request/return, system hold, etc.  This saves time for the receiving library’s staff.

Happy Leap Day.  Sharon


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