Posted by: scauffman | April 2, 2008

Ccar Turnaroud Time Study

connecticar.jpgAttn: Connecticut Libraries

Re: Connecticar Turnaround Study

Every library on Ccar should have received this letter, either at the two ILL Roundtable meetings or in a direct mailing.

With your help, the State Library will be conducting a survey to determine the average delivery time for items placed on the Connecticar service. The survey will be conducted during the week of April 7 – 11 when libraries will be asked to put special labels on a maximum of 10 outgoing items each day. Instructions for the survey are included
below. If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact Steve Cauffman at (860) 704-2223 or

We appreciate your cooperation. The information from this survey will help us improve our service to your library. A summary of the results will be made available on Both the link to the
actual online survey and an FAQ is located at:

Connecticar Turnaround Survey, April 7 – 11, 2008 Instructions

The study will include only items sent during the week of April 7th -11th, 2008. The purpose of the study is to determine delivery times so we wish to discount “in library” processing times.

Sending Library
1. Use the special ORANGE Ccar slips included with this letter for up to 10 items per day for a maximum of 50 items per week. If you send out fewer items, or do fewer than 10 because of time constraints
that’s fine.
2. Fill in the routing number and library name as usual.
3. Fill in the date of the next scheduled Ccar pickup. For example: If it’s Monday afternoon and you driver already came in the morning? Enter Tuesday’s date. This date should be the next scheduled delivery, even if the service fails to pick-up that day.

Receiving Library
1. For every item you receive with an orange slip, record the date that your library received the item. If you don’t unpack on the same day you received the delivery, be careful to fill in the date the item
arrived. You may receive these items in the week after April 11th.
2. Go to the survey form at: to record this information. You may save all the slips and enter the data at the end of the survey or do a day at a time.
3. The online survey will ask you to enter:
Your library name
Your route number
Your name and email
For each item received with an orange slip you will be asked:
Shipping library route
Date shipped
Date Arrived

Thank you for your help!
Sharon Brettschneider
Director, Division of Library Development
Connecticut State Library
231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
Fax 860-757-6665


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