Posted by: scauffman | December 9, 2008

Grant to attend ALA Annual 2009 – Deadline: Dec. 15

(Forwarded from an e-mail message. )

STARS-Atlas Systems Mentoring Award

Are you new to the field of interlibrary loan/document delivery or electronic reserves (been in the profession less than two years or have recently accepted an interlibrary loan, resource sharing or electronic reserves position and have little or no experience in that area)?

Do you have hands-on involvement in the areas of borrowing, lending, document delivery, electronic reserves, material delivery, or resource sharing?

Do you want a mentoring opportunity at ALA?

If yes, then this award is for you!

M.L.S. or ALA membership is not required for this award. Preference will be given to individuals who evidence greatest need of this stipend for the purposes of professional development, networking, initial or continuing education, and service to their local community. The STARS-Atlas Systems Mentoring Committee will assign a mentor to the recipient for the conference to help them navigate through the conference experience.

This cash award of $1,000 is for travel expenses to attend ALA annual conference. This award is expected to cover the majority of expenses including: ALA registration; ALA membership (if not yet a member); hotel; meals; and, travel). Atlas Systems, Inc. is the sponsor.

Submission Criteria

The deadline for the nomination is Monday, December 15th, 2008. Please submit the following credentials to Amy Paulus, Chair of the STARS-Atlas Systems Mentoring Award Committee (see contact information below).  Email, mail, or fax submissions are all acceptable and self-nominations are encouraged:

  • Proof of entry into this field for the first time, in the form of written confirmation from the human resources office or the library director.
  • An updated resume that can be verified by Committee members.
  • A brief description of your position, department, and library.
  • A statement of petition, in essay format (no more than three pages) which answers the following questions:

· Why are you interested in attending ALA Annual?

· What benefits would you like to see in mentoring at ALA Annual?

· How might your attendance benefit service at your local institution?

· What, in particular, interests you in interlibrary loan, resource sharing or electronic reserves?

The following conditions are expected of the recipient:

  • Recipient attends ALA Annual in 2009.
  • Recipient attends the ALA RUSA STARS ILL Discussion Group meeting, ALA RUSA STARS All Committee Meeting (Education and Training Committee), and attends some of the events sponsored by Atlas Systems, Inc.
  • Recipient makes travel arrangements; however, some assistance may be offered by Atlas Systems, Inc.

On behalf of the STARS-Atlas Systems Mentoring Award Committee, thank you for your consideration!

Amy Paulus, Pamela Flinton, and Danielle Cournoyer


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