Posted by: farringtonk | March 4, 2009

CCAR – Where are the RED Tubs

From Walt:connecticar1

Due to reasons unclear to us CCar is experiencing a severe shortage of “RED” CCar tubs.. This shortage can be attributed to the Holiday and weather related backlog or maybe the unintended stockpiling of empties at the “B” CCar libraries. This shortage can and has affected the service with delays and over loads as some may have noticed. Please return all the empties you may have in your library retaining only what you “normally” need for service. Our drivers will retrieve them as room allows over the next week or two.
Some of our drivers have also brought to my attention that some libraries are using these red CCar tubs for other purposes than CCar use. They are seeing them being used for uses such as trash and book storage. Please don’t do this. The red tubs are for CCar use only.
These tubs are for CCar use only and we only have a limited supply to work with.

Thank You


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