Posted by: farringtonk | May 17, 2010

C-Car Accident last Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last Wednesday, Walt Magnavice was driving north on I-95 in Old Lyme and was involved a big accident caused by heavy cable spools falling off a truck traveling in the southbound lane. His van was struck and caught on fire. Check out the story at:

Luckily Walt was able to get out of the truck. He was shaken up but was back at work on Friday.

The great majority (if not all) of the material was bound for East Lyme Public. It wasn’t a full Ccar run. He was helping catch up on some heavy volume stops. East Lyme has been notified and have printouts from reQuest and LION on what material were in transit to them. Of course they don’t know about Ccard returns. Walt went on Friday and checked out the contents of the truck. It is all fire and water damaged but most should be identifiable for insurance purposes. We have to wait for the insurance companies to examine the truck before we will be allowed to remove the books. At that time we should be able to put together a good list of the contents – owning libraries and titles and even barcodes.

We are working on the process that will be used to make claims for the damaged materials.

Other than the lost materials there is no disruption in service. We were able to obtain a replacement vehicle very quickly.



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