Posted by: kmlsue | March 17, 2011

Great ILL meeting in Waterford Tuesday

Do you feel like you are up to your ears in inter-library loans? Piles here and there and oh no! Here comes ccar!! Do you seem to spend a lot of time processing multiple copies of a book for book clubs? How are other ILL librarians handling this and other ILL things? Are you all alone out there? No you are not. We all seem to be having the same issues and we had a chance to discuss our problems and successes at the last meeting. It’s so good to hear that others have really cool solutions or easier ways to handle basic everyday jobs that we all handle. It is also interesting to hear about issues that other libraries have with ILL that we may not have to handle. I think the bottom line though was that it’s fun and inspiring to talk to other ILL librarians. It’s fun to get out of routine for the morning or afternoon and socialize with people who might be struggling with the same issues but can laugh about it or commiserate about the packages that are taped up so tightly that it takes an exacto knife, a lot of finesse and maybe a drop or two of blood to open.

The next meeting, for the whole state, is on Thursday, May 12th- location to be decided but it will be centrally located. We may get to see the ccar facility and actually see how they handle all of those nicely wrapped books and dvds. Do they carefully place them into the next box or just throw them across the room???
Please put the date on your calendar and also let’s get this blog going. Any comments- add below. Give us your suggestions, complaints, the weather in your part of the state, how great your ccar guy is (mine is wonderful- Henry is his name for everyone to know- he doesn’t cower too badly when he shows up and I have boxes and boxes for him). Let’s use the technology available to us and start the conservation.


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