Posted by: saxtonblittlea | April 11, 2011

The Media Loaning Debate

This past week, I have had to tell several of our patrons that we could not get the materials they wanted to borrow. Yep, they were either dvd’s, audio books on cd, or music cd’s.

I’m hoping that some of the libraries that are presently not loaning this material will reconsider their policies.

I’d also like to get a dialog going once again about the rationale not to loan. For instance, is it a matter of the cost of the item, the risk of damage, or some other reason that keeps you from loaning dvd’s or audio cd’s to CT libraries?

I know one library recently changed their policy and is lending these materials via c-car. Perhaps that library will be willing to share their experiences.

We loan all media. This does not mean that I loan the brand new dvd, music, or audio cd’s that hit our shelves. I don’t usually loan a book that is less than 3 months old either. I’ve had minimal damage and no loss what so ever over the many years we have loaned.

I do respect each library’s right to make policy. I’d just like to hear the reasons.

Thank you and hope to see you at the ILL Roundtables where you can meet the wonderful ILL staff in our state.


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