Posted by: kmlsue | May 6, 2011

Request ILLers-check the links to your library’s homepage and catalog

A helpful messages from Steve Cauffman to those of you who use ICONN reQuest-

— In brief:
Please update the ‘Library Catalog (URL)’ and ‘Library Homepage (URL)’ fields in your ILL Participant Record and then set them to ‘display to patrons.’

— The details:
If you own an item, your library’s name is listed in the Locations area on the record that appears in reQuest. When patrons click on your library’s name they get basic information about the library. It is very handy to have links the library’s homepage and catalog available so that people can access those resources quickly and easily if they wish to get more information. If you set those links in your ILL Participant Record, the links will appear to patrons.

To set up links to your library’s catalog and homepage or to double-check to see if the links are correct, try this:

* Login to reQuest
* Go to ILL Admin if you are not there already. On the menu on the left-hand side of the page, you’ll see ‘Maintain Participant Record.’
* Click ‘Maintain Participant Record.’
* Scroll to the bottom of the Participant Record or click the green “URL Info” button at the top of the page which will take you to the bottom of the page.
* You will see two fields: “Library Catalog (URL)” and “Library Homepage (URL):”
* Enter the links for your library’s catalog and homepage into the fields.
* Make sure the little box before those labels is checked – the check means that those two fields will display to patrons (if they are unchecked, they will not display, so you want to make sure they are checked).
* Click the Update button at the top of the screen.

That should do it. When patrons see that your library owns an item, they can click your library name and they will see a link to your library’s homepage and catalog.


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