Posted by: coventrylib | May 13, 2011

Our patrons love ILL

How does ILL impact our patrons?
We all have dozens of stories about ILL. Hope you will share yours.
Our patron Wayne was laid off, in his fifties with a family to care for. He had done some technical writing on a very small scale. He decided to write a handbook that simplified web use. ILL provided him with all the books that had been done before. His book is published, selling on Amazon and I’m sure he would say he could not have done it without ILL.



  1. We have many residents who home school. Not only is ILL an important part of their plan but the ability to borrow materials from any library in the state and drop them off at Saxton B. (or any other library) is a valued service.

    Libraries forget to toot their horns. When someone tells us a story like the one Coventry shared, we tend to just think of it as our job and the way we do business. I think we need to collect these stories and shout them out more regularly so others will know that programs like c-car, connecticard, ILL, and the Iconn are crucial to our residents.

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