Posted by: farringtonk | February 29, 2012

reQuest ILL Upgrades

Attn: Those using reQuest ILL

Auto-Graphics updated reQuest early this morning (Wednesday, February 29). There is nothing in the upgrade that requires any immediate attention on your part. Below my signature is a list of the ILL-specific enhancements and changes/corrections that were introduced with the upgrade.

‘Item availability checking,’ has been modified, which should improve record matching. It’s the first one on the ‘Changes/Corrections’ list:

For those libraries participating in ISSI (Inter-System Sharing Initiative): the first two on the ‘Enhancements’ list may help with your out-of-state requests, particularly the shipping labels enhancement.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Stephen Cauffman
reQuest ILL Coordinator
iCONN – Connecticut’s re-search engine
Connecticut State Library
888-256-1222 (toll free – in CT only)


Maintaining Participant Records
The Lookup function on the Maintain Participant Record screen now includes the Consortium Code for each library listed to aid in identifying out-of-consortium participants. The Add Lender function on the Maintain Participant Record screen now supports searching for lenders by Consortium Code.

Maintaining Shipping Labels
AGent now supports a standard shipping label (Avery 5160) for out-of-consortium shipments, or for in-consortium shipments that are not on the consortium’s delivery service. This label is intended to be used to ship materials via the U.S. Postal Service or Canada Post.

Searching Library Information
The Search Library Information function now supports searching by Consortium code.
Changes / Corrections

Item Availability Checking
For libraries that have enabled AGent’s optional features whereby a library’s Lending Policies and Item Availability are checked prior to forwarding a request to the lender, in certain cases, the system uses the name of the author of the requested item to locate a matching item in the lender’s catalog. Previously, such availability matching included the author’s birth and death dates. Due to cataloging differences between databases, this occasionally resulted in the bypassing of an available matching item. The author’s birth and death dates are now excluded when performing item availability checking based on the author’s name.

Printing Shipping Labels
Previously, when printing shipping labels where a single shipping label was printed, the second (blank) shipping label on the page included extraneous barcode information (the barcode for a space or zero). This condition has been corrected and the extraneous barcode information is no longer printed on “blank” shipping labels.

Submitting Multi-Copy Requests
Previously, the Lender List in the Multi-Copy Request form accessed through the ILL Options menu on a Full Record Display included a Locate Lender button. As the system automatically populates the Lender List with all appropriate lenders from all valid databases, the Locate Lender button is not required, and has been removed from the form.

Volume/Issue Information in ILL Requests
Previously, ISO ILL requests received by Library and Archives Canada from the AGent system did not include volume and issue information when this information was included in the original request generated through AGent. This condition has been corrected, and volume and issue information is now properly included in such requests.

Return to Address in ILL Request Full Record Displays
Previously, when updating the status of an ILL request to “Shipped” the Return to Address fields in the Full Record Display for the request were improperly populated, resulting in an incomplete address. This condition has been corrected, and the proper and complete Return to Address is now provided.

Completed Requests
Previously, in some cases, when certain ILL requests submitted and fulfilled as Returnable (loan) requests were marked as Complete, the system incorrectly changed the Request Type to Non-returnable (copy). This condition has been corrected, and the Request Type for all ILL requests is properly retained when the requests are marked as Complete.


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