Posted by: farringtonk | March 26, 2012

Renewals: What happens when lending library doesn’t answer?

At our recent, ILL-East meeting, the topic of conversation came around to lending libraries who do not respond to renewals requests from borrowing libraries. As a larger library, who has been having problems with our ILLiad system communicating properly to reQuest, CCSU has been guilty of not getting back to libraries about whether we can or cannot renew the items out on loan. Steve Cauffman reminded us the United States ILL Codes states that non-receipt an answer, either positive or negative, means that the lending library can keep the material for another loan period. See the US ILL Code at:



  1. I would imagine that some of the non-answers come from sheer busyness of ILL library staff. In our small library I usually find the time to renew for other libraries but am delinquent when it comes to overdues. Worse (confession time) I often don’t notice the recall. I’m not certain why but my eye tends to gravitate to the right side of the screen where the lender requests are monitored. Just keeping up with my own patron requests take up much of my time on the left side of the page.

    So, my apologies for being remiss and my thanks to all my generous colleagues who supply our requests and forgive my flaws.

    Carol Kubala, Saxton B. Little Free Library

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