Posted by: farringtonk | May 23, 2012

Reminder about C-CAR Packaging Guidelines

From Walt at C-Car:

It has come to our attention that for reasons that are a mystery, many CDs, DVDs and other Very Fragile items are getting into the C-Car system without being packaged in protective or bubblewrap containers as per Connecticar guidelines for the handling of such material. As a result I am getting many complaints about damaged and or missing materials. This is a rather recent development.
This situation, as well as the many overstuffed plastic bag shipments that are showing up in the system are causing many problems with loose books, DVDs, CDs, and even their contents. The Overstuffed bags are breaking causing big problems with book destinations etc.
The very nature as well as the limited capabilities of our service doesn’t allow for special handling for unprotected fragile items and broken or overstuffed plastic bags especially given the dramitic increase in our Volume this past year.
Please insure that all CDs DVDs and Fragile materials are put into the Connecticar system in protective packaging. In the future C-Car will have to refuse unprotected Fragile items.
Thank you all for your cooperation in helping us to correct this situation.


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