Posted by: farringtonk | July 23, 2012

C-Car problem, July 23, 2012

Hi Tammy and Conntech’ers,

FYI – Avant confirms that they have 4 people sorting and that they sort Ccar material as it arrives at their facility. I visited Avant’s warehouse in Hartford today (Tuesday), entering through the loading dock, and I saw no sign of a backup or logjam.

If you have a problem with delivery, please do as Tammy did and contact the appropriate person so that the issue can be addressed and resolved. The list of contacts appears below my signature. (Please note that Lynette is out of the office until July 30. In the meantime, you can CC me at




Stephen Cauffman

reQuest ILL Coordinator

iCONN – Connecticut’s re-search engine

Connecticut State Library


888-256-1222 (toll free – in CT only)


Connecticar (Ccar) Contacts

To notify us of delivery or other service problems on Route A:

Lynette Baisden


Cc to Sonia Roman at Avant

860-296-1005, ext 4005

For delivery issues with Route B:

Walt Magnavice

860-566-1100, ext 301

For non-delivery issues such as procedures, ILL, surveys, etc.

Steve Cauffman



When in doubt, contact Lynette and she will forward to the appropriate person.


Hello, Fellow ConnTechers!
I just wanted to put out a general heads-up that Killingworth Library has had some serious log-jams with our Ccar service. I got word that there is a serious backup of materials at the warehouse, with only a couple of guys sorting. Whether this is true or not, it’s affected both our interlibrary loans and the regular Connecticar returns.
We have yet to receive a large number of interlibrary loans that were shipped to us from about mid-late June through early July. If you provided any materials to us during that time, please know that we’re still waiting for them! If you can provide renewals for items, that would be great (my ILL librarian will request renewals as needed).
I also know that some of our patrons are getting notices/bills for items they returned to us – to send off to other local libraries via Ccar – during this time. Please know that we’re working with Lynette at the State Library to get all of this sorted out, and materials should be headed home soon. If you have any concerns or questions about items that patrons claim were returned through us, please feel free to email or call me; we’ll work on sorting it all out.
Thanks very much for your patience, and hope you’re all having a great summer!
~ Tammy Eustis, Killingworth Library



  1. Thanks for letting us know Tammy. Hope delivery gets better.

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