Posted by: farringtonk | January 14, 2013

Email enhancement in reQuest

Attn: Those using reQuest ILL

Here’s another reQuest ILL enhancement from the upgrade that took place a few weeks ago:
Email Links on ILL Request Full Displays

The Borrower’s Email (for lender’s ILL request Full Displays) and Lender’s Email (for borrower’s ILL Request Full Record Displays) now serve as links to launch the default email client for a workstation to send an email to the borrower or lender, as appropriate, associated with the request. The email form is pre-filled with information related to the request from which is was launched.

How would you use this? If, for example, you have an old borrowing request that you updated to Returned, but the lending library had not updated to “Check In.” When you pull up the full ILL request, if the lending library has an e-mail address, it will appear on the full ILL request and it will be clickable. When you click it, your default e-mail program will open, and a new e-mail message will open. The e-mail will have the ILL number in the subject line and the author, title, and ILL number in the body of the message. You can then easily input your message into the e-mail and send it. (Thank you to Karen Carey at Russell for pointing this out – she used it and thought it was very handy.)

Stephen Cauffman
reQuest ILL Coordinator
860-704-2223 / 888-256-1222 (toll free – in CT only)
Division of Library Development
Connecticut State Library


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