Posted by: scauffman | January 28, 2013

Conn. Public Libraries – “Loans Filled” increased 6%

Public libraries in Connecticut loaned 763,421 items in Connecticut and 5,128 outside of Connecticut for a total of 768,549 total loans in FY 2012. That represents a 6% increase in “Loans Filled” from the previous fiscal year.

Here’s Tom Newman’s announcement concerning the Statistical Profile for FY 2012:
Attention Public Libraries:

The official version of Connecticut Public Libraries: A Statistical Profile, July 2011 – June 2012 has just been released.  Some of the data missing in the preliminary version is now available in this version.


  • Circulation per capita fell slightly, about 1% compared to last year.
  • Library Visits per capita stayed about the same.
  • Library Program Attendance per capita rose 6%.
  • Interlibrary Loans – Items filled – rose 6%.
  • Number of Internet computers rose 6%.
  • E-content (e-books, e-audio, etc.) circulation rose 82%, but this circulation only represents about 1.2% of the total public library circulation.
  • Operating Income per capita rose fractionally, but fell by nearly 3% when adjusting for inflation.
  • The number of full-time-equivalent employees has dropped 8% since 2009.

Also available with the Statistical Profile:

  • Statistical Profile by Town, not library.  This is an Addendum to the Statistical Profile which takes the same data and organizes it by TOWN rather than library.  Data for towns with more than one independent library are combined.  This is a more accurate way of measuring how towns as a whole are providing library service.
  • New Automatic Chart-Makers – make charts using your library’s statistics
  • Foreign Language Collections in Public Libraries
  • Selected Library Statistics for All CT Public Libraries, 1996 – 2012
  • Connecticut Libraries Fact Sheet –  with fact sheets made for individual libraries (on request)

Contact me if you have questions or comments.

Tom Newman
Library Specialist
Connecticut State Library, Division of Library Development
860-757-6573  M, W, F (Hartford)
860-456-1717 x306  Tu, Th (Willimantic)
fax: 860-757-6503

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