Posted by: farringtonk | February 13, 2013

C-Car schedule due to Blizzard 2013

Good Morning,

As it is right now on Monday 02/11/13 these are the operational plans for the B list side of Connecticar on Wednesday 02/13/13 when we plan to resume service.
Of course given recent history this plan is subject to the plans of a higher authority….( Both Divine and Political).
I expect a good amount of time will be dedicated to clean up and reloading our vehicles. We also expect that many Towns and Libraries will still be snowed in. Our plans are to attempt to cover some of our schedules. I will not be able to list those who will or will not be serviced. I am sure The A list service will be experiencing similar situations. Hopefully we will be able to return to our schedules by Thursday 02/14/13. I hear grim rumor from our weather stations that we may not be getting the cooperation of a good forecast for later this week. I hope they are wrong.

Of course safety is our number 1 priority. I am wishfully assuming that the volumes will also be low given the weather. If not please be patient for it may take us a while to catch up. This plus the fact that next Monday is also a State Holiday backlogs of requests and book tub supplies may be stressed to the limit not to mention our ability to handle it all in on trip etc.Please use cardboard boxes and or bags etc if your library has a shortage of book bins. Also if possible please keep the A and B prefix library work in separate containers this will aid our sort greatly as well as identify priorities.

We hope everyone has fared well during this exciting event. It seems that we all will be quite busy for a while and we will endeavor to keep you all informed.
Thank You

Walt Magnavice Jr.
Connecticar Supervisor
75 Van Block Ave
Hartford CT. 06106
860-566-1100 Ext 306
Fax 860-566-1118


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