Posted by: farringtonk | March 14, 2014

Counting questions re: CCAR Volume study

Good morning everyone,

I’ve received some questions about counting bins and my responses appear below.

Question: Do the big plastic bags count as bins?
Answer: You count a bag if it is on its own and used in lieu of a bin.

Question: What about a bin that contains boxes? or bags?
Answer: Don’t count a box or a bag that’s inside a bin since that would be double counting. Likewise, don’t count a box that’s inside a plastic bag since that too would be double counting.

Question: What about bundles of books elasticized together but not in a bin?
Answer: Count as one bin if you have what would amount to approximately a bin. In other words, don’t count one or two loose bundles of books as a bin, but if you receive, say 5 or 6 loose bundles, you can count those as a bin.

Question: Do you want us to report separate counts for the number for the boxes, the number of bins, and the number of bags that we receive?
Answer: No, the bin count that you report on the survey should be one number for the total number of bins delivered that day.

For the survey, we are asking you to calculate two numbers each day that your library receives delivery: one for the number of bins you receive that day, and one for the number of items you receive that day. So, for example, the numbers you would report for Monday’s delivery might be: 110 items / 6 bins.

Stephen Cauffman
reQuest ILL Coordinator, iCONN
Division of Library Development
Connecticut State Library
888-256-1222 (toll free in Conn.)


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