Posted by: farringtonk | March 18, 2014

OCLC WorldShare ILL deadlines

Your WorldShare ILL Migration: Start Here

If you are just beginning your migration from WorldCat Resource Sharing to WorldShare ILL, this is the place to begin.

First, there are a couple of important dates to know:

1. New borrowing requests cannot be made in WorldCat Resource Sharing (aka FirstSearch) after April 14, 2014. After that date, all new requests must be made in WorldShare ILL.

2. The WorldCat Resource Sharing service will be turned off on May 19, 2014. After that date, all interlibrary loan activity on your resource sharing subscription must be done in WorldShare ILL

It’s time to get started! To understand the mechanics of migrating to the new system, you can attend our instructor-led session WorldShare ILL: Start Here, or you can watch the following three short videos:
1.WorldShare ILL Migration Overview
2.Create Your WorldShare ILL Account
3.Manage and Create User Names in WorldShare ILL

Once you have completed the steps to make the migration, follow one of these learning paths to get up to speed with your new ILL interface.


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