Posted by: farringtonk | May 8, 2014

reQuest Users: Borrower Notes and Pick Lists

Attn: Those using reQuest ILL

Borrower Notes:
Just a reminder to check the “Borrower Notes” field when you review your ILL Lending requests.

When you look at the list of titles in your Lending / Pending queue, if you see a thumbtack next to one of the titles, then there is a note from the borrower for that request. You can click the title to review the full record and can look at the note before deciding whether to lend the item or not. Examples of borrower notes are: “Needed for book club, please extend due date;” “Need volumes 2 and 3 only;” “Need Large Print only;” etc.

If you use the Pick Lists, read on…

Pick List and Borrower Notes:
If you use Pick Lists to print your Lending / Pending requests, and the Borrower Notes field isn’t appearing on the list, let me know. The Borrower Notes field does not display by default on your pick list, but I can change the setting to make it display for you.

Other Pick List – printing:
Pick Lists are set so that only new lending requests will print. Once you print new lending requests, the pick list empties out and the system won’t print those requests again.

I can change the setting so that the pick list will print both “New and Printed Requests.” If I do that, when you print your Pick List, it will contain all of your Lending / Pending requests, i.e. both new requests and those that were previously printed.

Stephen Cauffman
reQuest ILL Coordinator, iCONN
Division of Library Development
Connecticut State Library
888-256-1222 (toll free in Conn.)


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