Posted by: farringtonk | October 29, 2014

Participating Libraries in reQuest

Attn: Those using reQuest ILL

When you manually populate the Lender List of an ILL request, please make sure that the library you are adding participates in reQuest ILL.

When you look at a full record in the catalog and you view the list of library locations, libraries that participate in reQuest ILL will have “ILL Lender” after the library name.

Also, the list of libraries that participate in reQuest ILL is at: so make sure the library is on that list before you manually add them to a Lender List.

(Note / Tip: The default sort on that list is by town, but if you click on one of the other column headings – ‘Library Name’ or ‘Rqst4id’ – the list will resort alphabetically according to the data in that field.)

If a library isn’t on that list or if it doesn’t say “ILL Lender” after their name, then don’t add them to the Lender List. You will have to send them an offline request, i.e. print out and fax or e-mail them an ILL request.

Stephen Cauffman
reQuest ILL Coordinator, iCONN
Division of Library Developmenticonn_logo2


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