Posted by: farringtonk | April 21, 2015

reQuest Shutdown FAQ

Attn: Those using reQuest ILL:iconn_logo2

Below are a some FAQs (frequently asked questions) that attempt to answer some of the questions I’ve received since the announcement last week concerning the reQuest shutdown.

Question: Will the change to reQuest affect Ccar delivery?

Answer: No, the change to reQuest will not affect Ccar delivery. You will still be able to ship and return items by Ccar.

Question: If my library ends borrowing and lending soon, can I still use the system to see what libraries own?

Answer: Yes, the reQuest catalog will be available until ‘end of business’ on June 30 and you can use it until then even if you stop using the automated ILL system.

Question: After July 1, how will we be able to find items in other libraries?

Answer: We’ll have to search individual library catalogs. I’ve created a page at:

that lists library catalogs, has links to blank ALA ILL forms, and will have a link to the CT ILL Loan Policy, once the policy has been updated (see next question).

Question: After July 1, will we be able to request material from other libraries?

Yes we will, but we will have use offline methods to request material since we won’t be able to use the automated reQuest ILL system. In preparation for offline requesting, I’m asking libraries to submit their ILL lending policies. Once I have the updated information, I’ll create a spreadsheet that will list brief contact information and a list of ILL lending policies. To submit your library’s ILL lending policy, visit:

Regards, Steve

CT State Library Logo

Stephen Cauffman | reQuest Interlibrary Loan Coordinator, Division of Library Development | Office: (860) 704-2223 or (888) 256-1222 (toll free in CT) | 786 South Main St. Middletown, CT 06457 | Fax: (860) 704-2228


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