Posted by: farringtonk | October 14, 2015

Please Return the EXTRA C-Car Bins!

Good Afternoon,Connecticar

It’s that time again for us to request the return of any extra C-Car bins you library may have. Our supply is running short and this shortage may result in a adverse affect to our service.

Please just put them out for pickup by your driver. If Your driver is not picking them up please advise me.

Thank You, Walt

Walt Magnavice Jr.

Connecticar Supervisor

75 Van Block Ave

Hartford CT. 06106

860-566-1100 Ext 306<>



  1. A reminder that ties in with Walt’s message:

    Ccar bins are State property and should be used for Ccar purposes only. If your library is using Ccar bins for non Ccar business etc. please stop and return them to Connecticar. We are short on bins and need them to provide delivery.

    Thank you in advance.


    Stephen Cauffman | requestT CT Coordinator, Division of Library Development | Office: (860) 704-2223 or (888) 256-1222 (toll free in CT) | 786 South Main St. Middletown, CT 06457 | Fax: (860) 704-2228

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