Posted by: farringtonk | February 3, 2016

deliverIT CT transition update

From Dawn LaValle:  deliverIT


A brief update on the deliverIT CT transition process:


  • At this time “A” route libraries are still being serviced by Avant. If you are an “A” route library and you are experiencing issues with deliveries please report via contact form on the deliverIT Libguide If you are not receiving scheduled service it is imperative you let us know so we can adjust payment to the vendor.


  • Walt Magnavice, deliverIT CT Supervisor has redrawn the routing system and is currently visiting selected “A” route libraries to assess access for deliverIT drivers, meet current staff and address any concerns of the library.


  • New deliverIT drivers are being trained on existing “B” routes and will begin non-delivery “dry” runs next week to ensure the viability of the new route system with adjustments being made accordingly.


  • Van Block sorting facility is in process of being reconfigured and waiting on shelving to be installed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call.

Have a great day!    Dawn

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Dawn La Valle |Director, Division of Library Development |<> | Office: (860) 757-6665 | 231 Capitol Ave. Hartford CT 06106 | Fax: (860) 757-6503




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