Posted by: farringtonk | March 4, 2016

DeliverIT CT to be operational

From the State Librarian:  deliverIT

Good afternoon,

Over the next few weeks, as we transition the deliverIT CT service to being fully operated by the Division of Library Development, I encourage you to communicate any questions to Walt, Steve, Dawn, and/or myself.  As with any change of this magnitude, the transition phase will be the most challenging. It will also serve to point out opportunities to make revisions and maximize efficiency as we move forward. It is important that we don’t allow misinformation to undercut the efforts your staff and my staff are making to provide the best service we can, especially given the current budget situation.  We will continue to make every effort to keep you informed.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


CT State Library Logo

Kendall  F. Wiggin |State Librarian | | Office: (860) 757-6510 | 231 Capitol Ave. Hartford CT 06106 | Fax: (860) 757-6503




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