Posted by: farringtonk | March 16, 2016

DeliverIT CT

Finally its here, today is the first day of our new Deliver It Ct service. Our staff are excited and are looking forward to getting this started.deliverIT

Please note the following items, many of which will address the many questions we have already received about the new service.

As with any new operation there will be many adjustments needed as well as a training period for all involved. Establishing route schedules and other logistics involved in a delivery service will take time. Unfortunately our service has inherited a very huge backlog of work which is still at the libraries or still in a warehouse.

It may take several weeks to get everything back to normal and your patience is appreciated.

A) SCHEDULES:  Schedules have not be finalized. They may take a while to establish. The schedules the drivers have now are temporary, they are not official.

Until they are please expect service on any day and at any time of day. When our schedules are finally established we will post them via this list server. Early indications are that our service won’t be able to support daily service anymore. Service will be scheduled by our logistical and operational ability to support that schedule not volumes or location.

B) LIBRARY PREFIX LETTERS:  There are now ten prefix letters to our libraries I.D. numbers. Much like zip codes these represent the Deliver it Ct route servicing those libraries. Whenever a prefix letter is changed we will send alerts via our list serve about the change or changes. Early on as our operation settles in there are sure to be changes in some library prefix letters.

Any items addressed with the old A and B prefix letters will not be picked up effective immediately. We do not have the time or room to readdress labels with wrong Prefix letters.

C) VOLUME & CONTAINERS:  We do know that many of our drivers will not be able to pickup all the backlog. Especially in the early stages of our new service. The lack of storage room on our vehicles as well as back here at Van Block are the reason. Our Contractor had stopped or limited service to much of their obligation over the past several weeks and the resulting backlog is “massive”. We will endeavor to get caught up. However this will take some time, our resources are not unlimited.

It is our plan to get the whole service back to using the standard post office style containers. The same style as the red and blue containers in use there now.

There are several hundred containers in the system now that need to be put back into use and we are going to acquire new containers . Over time we will be taking all the other containers out of the system.

Bagged/Boxed work going to single destinations and properly addressed will continue to be accepted. New bags will be available when we get them.

D) GUIDELINES:  The Deliver CT guidelines and other Deliver IT CT information is available on The State Library website at .

This is a “New Service” and the guidelines are are very important to aiding a safe and efficient way to provide the service.

Thank you all for your patience these next several weeks. We are looking forward to returning this service back to it’s original excellent standard.

Walt & Deliver it CT Staff

CT State Library Logo

Walt Magnavice Jr.

Connecticar Supervisor

75 Van Block Ave

Hartford CT. 06106

860-566-1100 Ext 306<>

Fax 860-566-1118


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