Posted by: farringtonk | April 4, 2016

deLiverIT CT restart, April 4, 2016

It seems that Winter has decided to return to Connecticut. This may affect much of our planned service restart for Monday. Much depends on the route and road conditions this morning.deliverIT

The Avant warehouse is finally empty and all the items that were there are either back at your library or on their way.

When our service does finally get back on track our staff will be picking up what they can reasonably accommodate without affecting the service as a whole with volumes that our service can not process. In time, we are hopeful to get a handle on this but this may take a while given the backlog of work that we are aware of being out there.

This is why we suggested libraries cut back on their holds for transit during the week we were not making pick ups.

We do appreciate the fact that many libraries took action to minimize deliver it items.

Our drivers have been getting many questions asked by several libraries about our new service and I hope I can answer a few of them here and explain our operation.



  • A) Schedules are not established yet. We now have 223 libraries Statewide to schedule for service. It is safe to assume that 5 and 4 and even 3 day per week schedules will not be possible. It is hopeful that our route schedules will be completed before May.
  • B) The volume of work handled by our service will be at the discretion of the driver. This discretion is needed as to still be able to service all their libraries under the time and space restraints given to operate.
  • C) Deliver it ct comprises 10 Deliver it Ct routes. Eight full time and two Part time drivers. Our drivers are scheduled to work 7.50 and 6.00 hours daily. This allows for only 5 Hours of on route service time and the rest of their time is in loading, unloading and sorting their material. It is for this logistical fact that our schedules must be adjusted to accommodate all 200 plus libraries we service statewide.


Several libraries have asked our drivers why the change in schedules and limits on work being picked up?


Unlike our old contractor who had unlimited personal resources as well as operating on a (Per Stop) pay incentive.


Our operation is under time and space restraints and our routes are very time sensitive unlike our ex Contractor’s operation.



We are confident that in time our service will return to the mission it was intended to support.


We ask that any issues you have be brought to my or Dawn’s attention, not your driver.


With us all working together this goal will become a reality sooner rather than later.


Thank You, Walt

CT State Library Logo





Walt Magnavice Jr.
Connecticar Supervisor
75 Van Block Ave
Hartford CT. 06106
860-566-1100 Ext 306<>
Fax 860-566-1118

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