Posted by: farringtonk | April 4, 2016

Extra Red Bins?


deliverITWith all the backlog we are experiencing their is a very severe shortage of the red c-car bins in our system. The State purchase 200 bins a few weeks ago and they were put into service, this as well as there being thousands of other red and blue c car bins that the State has put into service these past few years and we have very few here on station to use resulting in outbound work being left behind.


We are requesting that if your library has any extra bins to put them out for your driver to retrieve.


Thank You, Walt

CT State Library Logo


Walt Magnavice Jr.
Deliver it Ct Supervisor
75 Van Block Ave
Hartford CT. 06106
860-566-1100 Ext 306<>
Fax 860-566-1118

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