Posted by: farringtonk | April 6, 2016

To Sort or not to Sort & backlogs

I would like to address the many questions that my staff and I are getting about leaving work behind. deliverIT

We are instructing our drivers to limit their pick ups to levels that we can handle reasonably without disrupting service to every library. They have been instructed by me to do this. They are only doing as instructed.

Some libraries are complaining that their driver is asking them to do a fine or route breakdown sort with their items. This is not a “requirement” and maybe it should be, however I would think that it’s logical given the situation we are in that it will help the service making transition much more efficient for all parties by their doing so?.

Some libraries are instructing their staff who are in their libraries, (Librarians & maintainers etc) not to let our drivers into their library until they are open? This is fine, I know some libraries have regulations etc. however I can not have a driver waiting for up to a half hour or more to access the work when staff is in the library to let them in earlier. That libraries schedule will be adjusted to accommodate ours.

We are only into our third day of our first full week of service since the changeover and we are running into severe backlogs and very high bin counts. Much of this was expected and we thought it would take several weeks to get in order. The libraries were made aware of this situation. It seems that last week few libraries complied with our request to put a hold on their requests etc for a week so we could empty the contractor’s warehouse. As a result much more has been added to the already large backlog.

We physically can not pick up all the backlog with our operational resources. We do not have a warehouse to store the heavy volume like our ex contractor did and I would not choose this option anyway. The fact that our service is not intended to be time sensitive allows for this process. We do not have the time or room on our routes to do this as a result we must leave the overages in your library, we can not warehouse them.

Deliver it ct inherited a huge mess and are working hard to find a way to correct what caused the mess in the first place so as to enable us to maintain the service to all 223 libraries with the same resources we had in 1999.

Establishing normal schedules is not possible until we know what the “Norm” actually is at our libraries. This can take a month or longer.

Until the schedules are finally posted please expect service on any day. Until the backlogs are caught up our drivers will continue to monitor flow and will leave work if they need to.

Your patience and cooperation is appreciated.   Walt

CT State Library Logo

Walt Magnavice Jr.

Deliver it Ct Supervisor

75 Van Block Ave

Hartford CT. 06106

860-566-1100 Ext 306<>

Fax 860-566-1118


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