Posted by: farringtonk | May 2, 2016

deliverIT CT Update

From Walt Magnavice:  Recently I have been getting many questions about Deliver It Ct schedules. Several of which inquiring as to what happened to “daily” service.deliverIT

After 3 full weeks of operation with our new service it is apparent that we can not maintain a daily schedule to every library anymore.

Our commitment is to provide service all 224 libraries large and small. Frequency is dictated by resource and capability. We have found that the very heavy volumes we are experiencing with several libraries have not lessened as we thought they would. This has had a very serious affect on our scheduling.

The heavy volume libraries require much more time and resource resulting in fewer libraries being serviced daily in order to service every library. This also affects our ability to service the low volume libraries.

So we schedule accordingly.

Room on our vehicles and in house as well as our per diem hours limit, all dictate our ability to provide daily service and in many cases has reduced our service to once per week.

This schedule requirement also dictates how much volume we can handle per stop each visit. We have come to the conclusion that only fine sorting and a great reduction in volume will improve this. Sorting your outbound work by stop and or route does help with our ability to handle more work more effectively. However the larger volumes are a major issue and will remain so.

We will continue to adjust schedules daily and unfortunately in almost every case it’s a reduction of service days. And yes this is a “Catch 22” because fewer service days results in even greater volume.

In the coming weeks I will be visiting higher volume libraries to determine what measure of service can be expected and some ways we may find to address the situation.

I do know that after our initial 3 full weeks of Deliver it Ct service there are still so many libraries with huge backlogs of volume sitting in their libraries because we can not service their heavy volume. It is apparent that some changes are needed by our high volume libraries if we are to maintain even a twice or once per week schedule. This fact has not changed.

Still, our commitment to service every library large and small remains our priority.

I am hopeful to have established service schedules posted by late June early July.

Thank You,  Walt

CT State Library Logo


Walt Magnavice Jr.

Deliver it Ct Supervisor

75 Van Block Ave

Hartford CT. 06106

860-566-1100 Ext 306<>

Fax 860-566-1118



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